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Suzhou Traceability Standard Certification & Inspection Co., Ltd., referred to as TSC, is a formal certification and testing organization recognized by the National Accreditation Administration. The approval number is CNCA-R-2017-322, which integrates testing, certification, inspection, standardization and Technical service is a comprehensive third-party organization, providing professional one-stop service solutions for various enterprises. The company has large-scale comprehensive new energy vehicle key components (battery, motor, electronic control system, etc.), charging piles, materials, electromagnetics, environment, chemistry, physics, machinery, reliability, industrial and consumer products, etc. The laboratory is a leading domestic third-party authoritative testing and certification institution.

TSC has a number of high-end talents such as overseas returnee doctors and masters in the industry, including overseas thousand-person plan experts, 100% are college graduates, and more than 80% are undergraduates or above. Service agency. TSC operates and manages strictly in accordance with ISO / IEC17025 international standards. All testing and testing are conducted in accordance with international standards such as ISO / IEC / EN / DIN / JIS / ASTM and Chinese national standards. The testing reports and certificates issued are authoritative and fair legal validity.

TSC has a wide range of operations, covering five major areas such as automotive, machinery, industrial products, consumer products, trade protection, and environmental protection. It provides automotive component testing, new energy vehicle key component testing, environmental testing, safety testing, EMC testing, and materials Reliability and failure analysis, ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, inspection and compliance services, third-party sorting, rework, inspection services, software testing services and many other comprehensive testing and certification services.

TSC has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many famous international and domestic first-class enterprises, and became their designated third-party testing agency, providing them with legally effective testing, inspection and certification services.

TSC will adhere to the principles of objective independence, fairness, justice, honesty and trustworthiness, abide by professional ethics, assume social responsibility, provide partners with comprehensive testing and certification technical services, and win high recognition and affirmation from customers.

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