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TSC Corporate Talent View: People-oriented, meritocracy.

We provide each employee with space to display his talents and wisdom, and we provide each employee with a multi-skilled, all-channel development platform from technology, service to management! We create a space and environment for each employee to achieve sustainable growth and realize self-worth and life dreams!

TSC looks forward to your joining! We believe that the world will become more exciting because of you!

According to the development needs of the company, the positions are as follows:

1. Several full-time and part-time auditors

1. With ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO13485, ISO22301 and other auditors, and with CCAA registration qualification;

2. There is no limit on age and gender, and you can work in all regions of the country;

3. Persons with many years of audit experience and multiple audit professional codes are preferred.

2. Certification decision managers

1. Bachelor degree or above, at least one management system auditor registration qualification;

2. Have more than 3 years of experience in enterprise quality, environment or occupational health and safety management or certification agency management;

3. The age is under 70 years old, no limit for men and women;

4. Major in science and engineering is preferred, and experience in certification institutions is preferred.

3. Representatives of regional markets

1. College degree or above, good image, experience in branch or office of certification body is preferred;

2. A local business market foundation is preferred;

3. Have a strong ability to communicate and coordinate problems;

4. Reserve cadres

1. Bachelor degree or above, English level 4 or above, good image, high comprehensive quality, experience in certification body is preferred;

2. Strong ability to communicate and coordinate problems;

3. Have the potential and potential of leaders;

4. Rigorous work, strong planning, and good at analyzing and thinking about problems.

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