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ISO14001 environmental management system certification

2020-03-03 11:27

basic introduction

In accordance with the requirements of sustainable development and promoting environmental protection, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) officially issued the ISO14001 environmental management system standard in 1996 and revised it in 2004 and 2015. Its basic idea is to guide the organization to follow the PDCA model Establish a self-discipline mechanism for environmental management. From the top leadership to each employee, they should actively and consciously handle the relationship between their own development and environmental protection, continuously improve environmental performance, carry out effective pollution prevention, and ultimately achieve the healthy development of the organization. It requires organizations to establish environmental management systems to support environmental protection, pollution prevention, and continuous improvement. They can also prove to the outside world the conformity and environmental management level of their environmental management systems by obtaining third-party certification body certification. The ISO14000 standard is an international standard in the field of environmental management developed by the Environmental Management Standardization Technical Committee (TC207), which has since been developed into the 2015 version. This standard is generated in the context of the serious environmental problems facing human society today (such as: greenhouse effect, ozone layer destruction, biodiversity destruction, ecological environment deterioration, marine pollution, etc.). The standard applies to organizations of any type and size, and applies to various geographic, cultural, and social environments.

Standard features

1. Voluntary principle

2. Broad applicability

3. Require the organization to manage not only the environmental factors that it can control, but also those environmental factors that can exert influence

4. Emphasize compliance with laws and regulations

5. Emphasize pollution prevention

6. Emphasize continuous improvement

7. Emphasize the views of interested parties

8. No specific environmental performance indicators are specified, but follow the laws and regulations, implement the basic requirements for pollution prevention and continuous improvement of the organization to establish an environmental management system

9. The establishment of an environmental management system must incorporate the organization ’s current management system elements

Implementation meaning

1. Improve the organization's environmental behavior and avoid legal and environmental risks;

2. Improve the management level of the enterprise and provide the enterprise with a scientific management mechanism for pollution prevention and sustainable development;

3. Promote energy saving and cost reduction for enterprises;

4. Improve the market competitiveness of enterprises;

5. Improve the awareness of independent law-abiding enterprises and promote the implementation of environmental laws, regulations and management systems in my country;

6. Improve the management level of the enterprise and the environmental awareness of all employees.

The ISO14000 series of environmental management standards is a set of management standards. It is the crystallization of the environmental management experience of industrial developed countries. Its basic idea is to guide enterprises to establish self-restraint mechanisms for environmental management. From the highest leadership to each employee, they are active and conscious To deal with activities related to improving environmental performance, establish a corporate image, and improve corporate competitiveness.

The ISO14000 standard is applicable to various organizations, including (not limited to):


— Public welfare units, such as hospitals and schools;

— Various service organizations, such as banks and shops;

— Various enterprises, institutions, etc.

Significance of establishment of environmental management system and certification by enterprises:

◆ Improve employees' environmental awareness and initiative and consciousness of law-abiding;

◆ The ISO14000 series of standards provides a set of systematic frameworks to help companies improve their environmental management capabilities. With this set of standards, enterprises can establish a management system that meets the requirements;

◆ It can confirm to the outside world that it has complied with the stated environmental policy and the commitment to improve environmental behavior, establish a good image of the enterprise, and improve the reputation and popularity of the enterprise;

◆ Conducive to meeting the needs of the market, users and various stakeholders, conducive to attract investment, conducive to product sales and market development;

◆ Adapt to the trend of green consumption and improve the competitive advantage of enterprises;

◆ Conducive to promoting technological transformation of enterprises, improving process technology and developing new products;

◆ Improve the understanding of the company and surrounding residents, communities and related parties, and improve the mutual relationship;

◆ Conducive to the growth of the company's economic benefits and improve the environmental awareness of all employees.

◆ Promote the organization to improve the establishment of self-discipline mechanisms, formulate and implement management measures that focus on prevention, start from the source, and control the entire process. In order to solve environmental problems, it has improved a set of scientific management tools that are complementary to legal governance and opened up new ideas for human society to solve environmental problems;

◆ The ISO14000 series of standards attach equal importance to environmental pollution and reduce the consumption of resources and energy, which can effectively promote the rational use of resources and energy by the organization, and also play an important role in protecting the unviable and scarce resources on the earth;

◆ The ISO14000 series of standards is intended to protect the environment, but it does not exclude development. It is built on the basis of scientific development. Implementing this standard is conducive to the harmonization of economy and environment, and is conducive to achieving sustainable development;

◆ The implementation of a unified international environmental management standard is conducive to the realization of bilateral and multilateral mutual recognition of environmental certification between countries, and is conducive to the elimination of technical and trade barriers.

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